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How to make the most of views of nature

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Visual Connection with Nature

Views outdoors are one of the most obvious ways we can connect visually to nature. Not all homes have the luxury of outdoor space so we need to be more creative in creating spaces that nourish us.

Photo by Qimono, Canva

How can we make the most of our views of nature from our own homes? 

The obvious way is to make the most of the views from our living space through our windows where we can see natural landscapes or green spaces. 

Views of trees or other vegetation enforce our connection with nature and alert us to the changing seasons and weather patterns. Views outdoors also informs us of the time of day as we become accustomed to the day's rhythm.

Here are a few simple ways to draw nature into our homes and help us make the most of our outdoor views.

  • Place interior furnishings so as not to obscure the view out of the window.

  • Turn chairs at angles, so when sitting, you can see outdoors.

  • Draw curtains and blinds back fully exposing as much of the view as possible.

  • Keep window ledges uncluttered.

  • There may be things you can reposition outdoors making your view from indoors more appealing.

Other ways to connect your home with nature:

  • Potted plants are an easy and low-cost way to bring nature into your home and can also be useful for improving your home's indoor air quality. Ten house plant suggestions suggestions

Photo by Inna Yatsun, Unsplash
  • Adding interest to your spaces by adding plants in macrame hangers works beautifully with trailing plants such as an indoor ivy, you can find a selection of trailing plants to choose from here along with care advice. Plants in hangers provide us with an indoor canopy of vegetation giving us a sense of refuge and a safe place.
Photo by Mutzii, Unsplash 
  • Cut flowers placed around your home in vases brings life and vitality to spaces. Studies show that having flowers in our homes invigorates feelings of joy and aids wellbeing. 
how flowers can bring vitality to you space
Photo by Evie S, Unsplash 

Ways to improve views into a garden or courtyard from inside your home:

  • Window ledge planters provide views of greenery from indoors, try planting with aromatic plants such as herbs or lavender providing lovely aromas to drift in through an open window. See how to make a windowsill herb planters here
Jill Wellington - Pixabay
  • Consider putting up a trellis to hide a plain wall and planting with climbing plants in time you will have a lovely view of 'green'. 

  • If your budget allows you could green-up your urban spaces with living walls and planting green-roofs. This becoming more popular and we will begin see more of this type of planting as people become more familiar with the benefits of biophilic design.

example of living walls - biophilic design

Public Domain Pictures - Pixabay
  • Create planted courtyards with seating areas acting as transitional spaces from indoors through to outdoors.

dpexcel, Pixabay

Hopefully you will have some ideas of how you can enhance your homes connection to nature. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below.


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