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Getting Creative Out Doors

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The most perfect day exploring one of the most beautiful places I have ever had the chance to sit and sketch, the weather was perfect and the beach was beautiful...


Not only was the beach beautiful but the walk to it was just a stunning! Bright red poppies growing a long side the ruins of stone built crofts with glimpses of turquoise sea and white sandy beaches... An absolute paradise I thought I could stay there for ever...

getting creative outdoors


Biophilia, Meaning love of nature, shows our deep connection with and that we have an innate understanding of the importance of nature but has this been lost in recent years in favour of our modern lives where we spend more time indoors. We now see scientific research by scholars such as E. O. Wilson. They have highlighted that our lack of connection with natural environments and other living things is having an impact on our overall wellbeing.

Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing originated in Japan thousands of years ago has drawn on intuitive knowledge, it suggests that we are part of nature and we have a deep need to feel that connection. An adviser to the natural environment in England examined a range of studies that look at our connections to nature and concluded, that being active or spending time in nature provides positive effects on attention, anger, fatigue and mood.

forest bathingPhoto Mitsuo Komoriya - Unsplash


The National Alliance for Arts, Health and Wellbeing (APPG) suggest that having creative hobbies have beneficial impacts on our mental and emotional health. The research found that the arts can help to keep us well, aid recovery and support us to live healthier and longer lives and the benefits are apparent at any age.

painting outdoors
Photo MusicFoxFx Unsplash


So with all those suggested benefits, what better way to spend time outdoors than being creative in the fresh air, getting exercise and is great for our overall wellbeing. For me being outdoors is time to switch off from the pressures of daily life. I have been sketching outdoors for a few years now. Sketching requires you to absorb the surroundings not just visually but by using all your senses its the most beautiful mindful activity. To benefit you don't have to be a fantastic artist, it's about having ago and being in the natural environment. If you love it, then you will be hooked and have found a hobby that could enrich your soul.

Painting outdoors nature therapy the patternologist

You could also share the activity with a friend or a group of friends, a grandparent and grandchild, parents and children. I think this would be just lovely!! Find a local park, sit in the garden or if you are unable to get outdoors, open the windows and sketch the view or some of your lovey house plants, its the connection with nature that inspires us... Nature Therapy  🍃

watercolour painting outdoors

If you feel inspired to be creative outdoors I would love to hear from you, where is your special place of inspiration? Please comment below... 


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