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Little Morton Hall - Cheshire

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Little Morton Hall - Cheshire

The direct experience of nature is felt in how the gardens and building compliment in such a beautiful organic way. The aged wooden beams filled with wattle and daub of the Tudor building sit at the centre of the garden, it is just alive with the scent of the vegetation, sounds of buzzing bees and house martins flying in the sky above, so relaxing and comforting. The interior fills with dappled light that floods in through the windows made up of tiny diamond shaped glass that evoke a sense of movement within the interior.

little Morton hall

The interior displays an indirect experience of nature with naturalistic shapes and forms of biomimicry within decorative wooden carved features. Comforting signs of age within the décor showed a replication of how nature takes over spaces in the slowness of time. Distinctive beams give the feeling of strength of tall trees growing in the ground as they hold the interior spaces in place.

little Morton hall little Morton hall

The experience of space and place. The building was constructed by hand by local craftsmen using local natural materials such as oak from local forests and stone from local quarries. As the building has aged it has began to shift due to the natural settling of the heavy beams this gives a sense of risk and peril as you walk over the wooden floors and up wonky staircases. Over the years rooms have been added and that transition from the old to the newer spaces provide comforting refuge from the wonkyness of the older parts of the house.

little Morton hall

little Morton hall 

This is one of my favorite places to be I feel totally relaxed within the environment it gives me a sense of wellbeing providing mindful fascination that distracts from the mundane and other worries of life, the pefect place to sketch. For me the interior and outside space are completely connected.

little Morton hall


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