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What is Biopilic Design?

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What is Biophilic Design?

Since I can remember I have always loved to be in nature its a place that makes me feel happy. Most of us enjoy being out in nature with out questioning ‘why’ Most of us know that when we spend time in nature we just feel good.

enjoying nature

Biophilia is the human inherent desire to connect with other living things and not just for survival but also feeds our craving for aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, spiritual meaning and satisfaction. As we begin to understand biophilia at this deeper level we start to appreciate our lost relationship and understand that we need to re-nature our lives for our overall wellbeing.

 Biophilia - The passionate love of life andof all that is alive - Erich Fromm 1973 

Biophilic Design takes positive elements of nature with the purpose of bringing them into our indoor spaces. There are three basic principles encompassing 14 patterns that we can follow to enhance our living spaces with nature, we can use these principals as tools to enrich our homes with nature.

1. Nature in the space
Being in direct contact with nature has the most powerful effect on us, there is scientific research that proves for our health and wellbeing it is beneficial for us to feel a part of nature on a regular basis. Bringing natural elements into our interiors spaces provides us with direct contact. This can be via a view of nature or arrangements of plants, waters features, natural air flow, scents and sounds considering all of the five sences will bring about balance, the following principles will guide us to bring that balance to our spaces.

Visual connection to nature
Non-visual connection to nature 
Non-rhythmic movement 
Thermal & airflow variability 
Presence of water 
Dynamic & diffuse light  
Connection with natural systems 

2. Nature Analogues
Organic elements with an indirect connection to nature provides a sense of wellbeing, our brains see analogues as prompts to our connection to the natural world. The provision of nature in design elements such as textile patterns, artwork, furniture and surfaces, induces that sense of connection we crave for us to thrive.

Biomorphic forms & patterns 
Material connection with nature 
Complexity & order

3. Nature of the Space
Can be described of a spiritual sense of the space and how we relate to our interiors environments, It is in our nature to be fascinated by the slightly dangerous or unknown, we are naturally intrigued by spaces that give a sense of mystery or peril this excites us and holds our interest and enthusiasm.


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List of Sources

Erich Fromm 1973 -

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