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Garden Birds Print - Simple Swedish roll blinds

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Our garden room needed a little make over so decided to design a fabric incorporating biophilic principles to reflect the direct experience of the outdoor space and make some Swedish roll blinds for the two small windows. 

1989x1490 (1)

A great selection of garden birds regularly visit the feeder that hangs from the big garden tree, we see them hopping along the branches taking turns at the feeding stations. The design is called 'Dawn Chorus' and is totally inspired by the garden birds that visit our feeder. 

This post is a quick snap shot of the design process from sketch to finished simple Swedish roll blind...

 1500x1532 1498x1533 1492x1538
1512x1547 1500x1530 1198x1986
1163x1990   1989x1490
 1489x1987 1489x1987 (1)  1487x1987 
1989x1129 1492x1984 1985x1490
1982x1136 1492x1997 1492x1992
1489x1992 1484x1989 1492x1992 (1)
1985x1490 (1) 1989x1483 1492x1995

I was pleased with the outcome by reflecting experience of nature through colour and garden bird motifs brought affection and a playfulness to the space.

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