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  1. What is Biophilic Design?

    Since I can remember I have always loved to be in nature its a place that makes me feel happy. Most of us enjoy being out in nature with out questioning ‘why’ Most of us know that when we spend time in nature we just feel good.

    enjoying nature

    Biophilia is the human inherent desire to connect with other living things and not just for survival but also feeds our craving for aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, spiritual meaning and satisfaction. As we begin to understand biophilia at this deeper level we start to appreciate our lost relationship and understand that we need to re-nature our lives for our overall wellbeing.

     Biophilia - The passionate love of life andof all that is alive - Erich Fromm 1973 

  2. Dynamic & diffused light for bedrooms and restorative spaces

    Of all of the biophilic features natural light has the most impact on our wellbeing. In nature we seek sunlight with the balance of shade. Bright sunlight provides us with illumination and clarity, as the sun rises and sets it provides us with a golden glow. We need to experience the full spectrum of the day this how our natural selves keep in balance, our rhythms are subtlety aware of the changing light this is how we keep our circadian rhythms in balance.