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  1. My personalised greeting cards start with a painted illustration, I am usually thinking of an occasion, the example for today is Easter & I have painted an Easter Bunny. Easter is on April 1st this year... & thats not an early joke!!! : ) 

    I always paint my pet portraits on a colourful grounds, so that they stand out sending a wonderful cheery greeting! I also consider where to leave space so I can later add text for personalisation. 

    bunny_1to print
    Once I have painted the image I will scan into my computer & manipulate the image to suit the product I am designing for, this could be for anything from a card to a cushion. Once I am happy I will mock up product images & list them on my website.

    I am so happy when I get a sale!! I love it that someone has chosen my artwork to send to their family or friends. I will print out the card along with the customers requested personalisation, thats the fun bit, people say such lovely things to one another, along with little 'in jokes' that I have no clue about!! : ) 


    I then pack & post & have nice a walk down to the post office, where I get have a chat with humans!!... Its quite a simple operation which is great, I am free to do the bit I love the most which is painting & designing. .

  2. For most creative people the word 'routine' sends in the shivers, its bit like that other word 'focus'... Arrrgh!

    insta routine

    My routine revolves around to-do lists, I write them & sometimes they just get longer! 
    In the morning I'm prepping card orders to post later when I have ticked a few things off my list & Im usually thinking of other ideas to add to my list! 

    I do get things done though, I'm not a total waste of time, work comes in flurries of madness where I am working from dawn to dusk.

    It seems to work for me & I am happy working this way as long as I have tea with the occasional cake all is good : )