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    My simple style of posting is a clean white envelope printed with customers address & return address. 
    I want my greeting cards to arrive in perfect condition I always print do not bend on the envelope. 
    Keeping it simple keeps the costs down on posting, customers don't really want to be paying over the odds for to fancy packaging, also good for the environment to keep packing waste to minimum.

    I do enjoy walking to the post box and putting a handful of envelopes into the post box, I always have a second check through to make sure they all have stamps on!! 

    sell image 2

  2. Branding can be a really difficult thing, its not just a logo. Its all front styles, colours you use, photographic styling & the way you 'speak' your message throughout website, social media, PR literature etc. 

    branding copy

    And not forgetting the most important part to any creative is, your work! This can be your style, medium, colours, materials anything that makes up your work & is recognisable as you.

    I like to keep my branding simple, as in my logo is a black written text, all my text is generally black or grey. I paint with watercolours in a loose style. My subjects are portraits of animals, but mainly dogs, cats & horses. 

    Being a 'one woman' small business my identity has to be consistent & niche... I might think OOO! I know how about painting a floral still life?... I could do this but then it would confuse customers who have identified what I do & hopefully like it...

    This has been a bit of a learning curve to find what I can happily be content with so I can, keeping on keeping on... I have found my passion for animals & art feed the excitement for my work & in turn to follow my own branding ideals!! .